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23 July 2010 @ 13:17
Star Wars Clube Portugal interview  

(Well as I do still have this thing I suppose I should use it).

The lovely boss of the Portuguese Star Wars fan club asked me for an interview which is on their site here:

It's in Portuguese and English, but if you just want a peek at the English bit then look under the cut below.


In English:

The british artist Soni Alcorn Hender, aka Bohemian Weasel,studied two years in England where she graduated in various courses related to arts such as fashion design,photography,sculpture,fine art,etc.Soni works and lives in Portugal,where she has exhibited paintings in shared and solo exhibitions and illustrated some children´s books.She also do official sketch cards for Topps,wich includes:Star Wars Clone Wars Widevision and Star Wars Galaxy 5.
SWCP: First of all, why do you use "Bohemian Weasel" as your artist nickname?
SONI: About six years ago I wanted to open a shop on ebay to sell my paintings and I needed a name. My real name is impossible, no-one can spell or pronounce it; so I thought I'd pick something artistic, romantic and mysterious. 'Bohemian... something'. Well, that was the idea, but most of my friends just call me 'Weasel' so it ended up being Bohemian Weasel. It's a good compromise though: half decadent artist / half ridiculous little beast that looks like a sock puppet.
SWCP: In your website, you asked apology to former tutors of Glasgow School of Arts for never being on time to class and for "being a fantasy artist.". You were a rebellious art student?
SONI: No not a rebel; though admittedly I did get kicked out in the first year for being a 'disruptive influence' but it was fine, I worked hard and got back in and later graduated with honours. (And honestly, some people need a little disruption.) My main problem is I was (and still am) nocturnal. I'd do all my best work late at night, or even all night, and then be a zombie in the morning which is why I was always late. And my constant urge to draw 'Fantasy art', yeah that wasn't popular. But now I draw Elves, and vampires, and amazing characters from Star Wars for a living, so hurrah!
SWCP: Currently you live and work in Portugal. Why did you decide to come to our country?
SONI: Because you can't get barbecued sardines in Britain. Or because I have (Portuguese) family here and it's just a lovely place to live.

SWCP: What do you enjoy most in Portugal?
SONI: One of the things I like best is actually the smell! Portugal smells fabulous, all cake shops and eucalyptus trees. I like the pace of life here, and the cafe culture of course. Being able to sit outside with a coffee, even in winter, and enjoy the pretty streets and the sunshine is just delicious. It's a warm, gentle life and makes Britain seem rather bleak and stressful in comparison.
SWCP: You´ve done several official sketch cards for Topps Inc. How did the opportunity arise to work for such a reputable company?
SONI: A fellow artist (and a very talented one) Grant Gould showed some of my work to their art editor, and then Topps contacted me to ask if I'd work on a Lord of the Rings set. After running round the room and squealing for ten minutes I said 'yes'. Since then the work I've done for Topps includes three Star Wars sets.
SWCP: What kind of art do you like most to do?
SONI: I like drawing people, organic forms, landscapes or architecture that's old, weathered and magical. Scenes that I can draw in an old fashioned way even if they're contemporary or futuristic. I've drawn some of the characters (including Padme and Yoda) in a style inspired by Russian Icon paintings from a thousand years ago, and yet the 'feel' of it was right. I'd love to do Star Wars as a series of medieval illuminations, or even Victorian illustrations; and I think it would work beautifully because the myth of Star Wars is so strong as it is with all the great, timeless stories. In between Star Wars projects I'm usually drawing scenes from Greek myths or Victorian literature or Lord of the Rings. Anything timeless and magical that captures my imagination.
SWCP: Are you a fan of Star Wars?
SONI: I am now!  I'd seen the original films a few times as a child, and I'd seen the new ones at the cinema once (though at the time I wasn't impressed). But recently for art research I got the films out and watched them all again, and I loved them! I was amazed at how much I remembered from the original films, so many iconic moments and quotes that are just part of our culture now. I also had a much greater appreciation for the newer movies; there were so many things I'd missed the first time round; and visually/artistically they are just spectacular. So yes, I'm converted. ;)

Para visualizar o portfólio desta artista :http://www.bohemianweasel.com/

bohemian weasel: comics catwomanbohemian_weasel on 23rd July 2010 19:05 (UTC)
Bananarama, you're more than welcomes :)
And I *loved* the pwnage of the anti-nerds at SDCC that you tweeted last night, brilliant. I don't know which I liked better: the guy dressed as Jesus saying 'I love everybody' or the many signs hailing the Hypno-Toad as our overlord.
Banana Cave: Portal: Cakebanana_cave on 26th July 2010 03:59 (UTC)
I wish I could take credit for those signs. They made me giggle.