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30 April 2010 @ 06:32
LJ: worthy or wrinkly?  
I think I'm sick of livejournal.
It feels like a big, bloated, overly-complicated mess that's as ponderous and knotted as a dinosaur in a fishnet factory.  I *love* the bunnies I meet and talk to here; but I'm beginning to realise I don't enjoy using LJ itself which is why I just don't use the bloody thing as often as I should (and I pay for it).
I learned the necessary css just to make simple visual changes; I uploaded all my userpics one---at----a---time; I put up with the slow loading pages, and tolerated the convoluted frustration of navigation and help pages etc, but enough. Life's too short.
And the ratbags shrunk my mood theme pics because (as I eventually discovered from another LJ user, not LJ itself) the images were larger than 100x100 px.  Straw, camel, snap, etc.
(And why did I have to read that from a user not the LJ news itself? If there's a change happening to the service I want to see a pertinent, concise message about it, not wade through a spool of self-congratulatory flim-flam or inane fables about a sodding goat. It was in there, somewhere.)

So, lovely bunnies, bunnies who DO make LJ a nice place to picnic, please lend me your sage wisdom and answer one of the following questions to help me decide. Either:

A) Why LJ is worth persevering with, even if it feels like wading through tar at times.

or B) Suggest another service that is sleeker, more intuitive, better prepared for the 21st century, that ideally anyone can post to using another ID; and has some customisation options.
Things like virtual gifts and voice posts, I can live without.

Feeling: crankyshrunken and fossilized
ButMadNNW ("ButMad" for short)butmadnnw on 30th April 2010 06:16 (UTC)
I've already moved over to WordPress (http://refugefromreality.wordpress.com) because I was looking for a blog experience superior to what LJ could/would provide. Increased customization, anyone can comment, etc. So far, I'm happy.

The only reason I still have an LJ account is so I can comment on journals like this one. :-)

Just make sure to include an RSS feed button on your new space so I can add you to my Google Reader. ;-)
bohemian weaselbohemian_weasel on 30th April 2010 06:29 (UTC)
Hi Maddlings, fank yew for your inputtlings.
Would you say wordpress is easy to customise? Because if I had to learn more code just to stick a background picture in - there would be carnage.
(Anonymous) on 30th April 2010 08:14 (UTC)
The theme I currently have on my blog ("Twenty Ten" I believe it's called?) is soon going to be the new default for new WordPress users. You can easily customize the header, the background image/color, all sorts of stuff.

You can have a Twitter widget if you want... I really like the flexibility of WordPress so far.

Of course, there are tons of other themes available, both on WordPress proper and across the web.
ButMadNNW ("ButMad" for short)butmadnnw on 30th April 2010 08:17 (UTC)
Gah! Neglected to login on that comment.

Also, I know of at least one friend who posts on a WordPress blog & cross-posts to LJ for people here. I don't know if he has some kind of automated system to work that out or what, but his name is greyduck if you want to take a gander at his setup.
bohemian weaselbohemian_weasel on 1st May 2010 12:34 (UTC)
Argh, I had really high hopes for Wordpress and was beginning to envision it as 'the answer to everything' ie, something that could maybe take the place of a blog and my website all together. However, experiments with it haven't gone well. (This is with Wordpress.com, not the one you host yourself, because my crapola host (webs.com) doesn't do php or MySQL unless I pay over a hundred bucks a year and team up with Network Solutions who are, apparently, ghastly.)
So, I've been experimenting with the hosted version. But I didn't fall in love with any of the themes and any I picked would need customisation - which means css - which means paying each year for the right to use some css to change the background colour.
I wouldn't even mind that so much if my wordpress blog hadn't poofed last night and since refused to load or appear - at all. It's not an auspicious beginning. :(
I may yet persevere because they've got such a good reputation, pedigree and ethic. But first on the agenda may be getting the blog to actually load...
ButMadNNW ("ButMad" for short)butmadnnw on 2nd May 2010 03:45 (UTC)
:-( Sorry you're having problems, luv.

If the themes available on WordPress don't appeal, google it. There are WordPress themes available all around the web. I'm just using one of theirs because it's easiest for me while still giving me much more customization than LJ ever would.
bohemian weaselbohemian_weasel on 2nd May 2010 22:30 (UTC)
Are you using wordpress.com or the self-hosting one? Cos with the .com version you can't upload external themes; and if you want to change the css JUST to change the background colour for example you need to pay a css fee of about 15 bucks a year. Th eonly free customisation I saw there was the header on some of the themes.
My wordpress.com blog is still refusing to show and I'm going to have to wait til monday or later to get their help - but - long term I think I'm going to stick with it and actually get the self-hosting one on a new webhost. That means I can choose my own theme and also kiss goodbye to webs.com eventually which will be very satisfying.
ButMadNNW ("ButMad" for short)butmadnnw on 2nd May 2010 22:56 (UTC)
I'm using WordPress.com; didn't realize you couldn't do external themes on there.

The theme I'm currently using (Twenty Ten) has free customizable background color, and it was incredibly easy to do (no CSS). Twenty Ten is soon going to be the default for new blogs (if it isn't already), and it's already way more customizable than my first theme was - widgets, custom color, custom header...
bohemian weaselbohemian_weasel on 2nd May 2010 23:00 (UTC)
It was while test-driving that very theme and trying to get the choice of backgrounds to display that my blog went *poof* and disappeared.

But from what I saw before it disappeared the widgets looked good, and I'll certainly be playing with them when I get a non-poofing version of it. (Though if it is still poofing at that point I may turn into a werewolf and eat eeeeverybody.)
secret_savior on 30th April 2010 06:47 (UTC)
A.) I can't give any really GOOD reason I suppose, other than we will miss you =(! I was actually just browsing your website earlier today, perhaps lusting over your Hades.

B.) I got nothin'.
bohemian weasel: legends and lore pandorabohemian_weasel on 1st May 2010 12:36 (UTC)
Hunnybunny you can lust over Hades as much as you like, the old tart loves the attention.
If I do move to somewhere else I'll make sure ther's an TSS thingy going on so I can still follow bunnies from here and vice versa. ♥
the mighty pomegranate: kissy whym bunnieswhymzycal on 30th April 2010 13:37 (UTC)
1. The only reason to stick around would be because everyone's already here, but that's probably not the best reason.

2. I've heard good things about wordpress and blogspot, and if you set up an RSS feed, people can even get your posts here on LJ (if you're worried about leaving someone behind). Sounds pretty win/win to me!
bohemian weaselbohemian_weasel on 1st May 2010 12:37 (UTC)
Fank yew hunny! I've been looking into wordpress (.com) actually, but as you can see fron a long-winded reply a coupld of messages above yours, it's proving a tad irksome at the moment.
Banana Cavebanana_cave on 30th April 2010 13:43 (UTC)
LJ: worthy or wrinkly?
I stick with LJ because of my friends & the potential to make friends.

That said, I have a paid account & don't really use LJ on the computer anymore. I use my phone, and their mobile site doesn't let you pick an icon, and the full site in mobile is clunky.

I don't see a reason to get rid of LJ, but I'm not sure I'll renew my paid account.

I do like the friend's lock feature. I use that for about half of my posts.
bohemian weaselbohemian_weasel on 1st May 2010 12:40 (UTC)
Re: LJ: worthy or wrinkly?
I agree, if you're paying for services you don't use, dump 'em! I can't imagine using something as mahuuusive as LJ with a phone. It'd be like trying to look at Everest with a magnifying glass. You're a brave woman! xx
Banana Cave: Monk: Mr. Monkbanana_cave on 29th May 2010 22:19 (UTC)
Re: LJ: worthy or wrinkly?
Yeah. I am attached to my iPhone daily. It's crazy. I hardly ever use an actual computer anymore.
(Deleted comment)
bohemian weasel: legends and lore bastbohemian_weasel on 1st May 2010 12:51 (UTC)
thanks darlin, I'll check it out properly later. I had a quick look at a random journal and got 'Suaron the Dark' rantng (with perfect teenage angst) about political correctness. Perhaps not a blinding professional endorsement but it did make me giggle. ;)
Miss DW: A Zeus 2goldenmoonrose on 1st May 2010 13:31 (UTC)
I like LJ because all my pals are here. I like the ease of posting, especially when I'm just babbling about my everyday life. I love the communities and staying connect to my fandoms and hobbies and other people.

That said, I've often thought of starting a blog for my more elaborate writings, but I don't know where to go for that.

I hope you stay on LJ because I'd miss "seeing you around"!!!
(Anonymous) on 28th July 2010 10:18 (UTC)
Wordpress or Blogger
I blog on a Blogger site (http://glendonmellow.blogspot.com) and also manage a Wordpress (http://sonsi.ca) one and they are both excellent platforms.

What I like about Blogger is how easy it is to have a humongous banner at the top. They also roll out new features which you can try in the Beta version. If you have any questions I can answer, I'd be happy to.

-Glendon Mellow
The Flying Trilobite (http://glendonmellow.blogspot.com)
West: Haldir hugswestbeilschmidt on 18th January 2011 02:57 (UTC)
I like LJ because I have friends that I've made over the past 10 years. And it's because of these friends that has made my most darkest times a little more brighter (more than I can say about my friends that live nearby), especially when my husband was away on long deployments (Op's Apollo & Saiph) and when I had my miscarriages.