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29 April 2010 @ 03:22
The Green Fairy  

'The Green Fairy in the Absinthe wants your soul...'

For the 'Essence of Fairyland' set by sadlittles.com  I was asked to paint a fairy, any fairy I liked, that would be printed into a trading card. Being the louche, fin-de-siècle-loving little ponce that I am, I chose the fey green tart that hangs around Absinthe. 

(And as I've mentioned Absinthe I shall take a brief moment to climb atop my Victorian soap box and say 'a proper, traditional Absinthe ritual never, never involves setting anything on fire! Not the sugar cube, not the drink itself, not yourself or your unsuspecting neighbours. If your sugar and booze won't mix without an act of arson it means you're actually drinking distilled dish-washing liquid with some aniseed flavouring, you unworldly mooncalf.)

'Green Fairy' Absinthe painting for 'Essence of Fairyland' by Soni Alcorn-Hender

5x7 inches, mixed media on cartridge paper, sugar cubes not included.
Feeling: quixoticquixotic
the mighty pomegranate: funky stripeswhymzycal on 29th April 2010 02:45 (UTC)
Ooh, she's eerie, otherworldly, and sensual -- like a member of the Unseelie Court. Gorgeous.
bohemian weasel: legends and lore cleopatrabohemian_weasel on 29th April 2010 03:15 (UTC)
Thank you sweetie! (And also for not saying she looks like Kermit's nekkid stepmother, though there is a soupçon of that as well.) Ooh I've never typed that word before, how exciting.

In other bollocks, do my mood theme pics look squished to you? They do to me, and it's INFURIATING me, by Jove. Argh.
the mighty pomegranate: sexyfrogwhymzycal on 29th April 2010 03:20 (UTC)
KERMIT! &hearts

Your mood theme icons look a little smaller in the COMMENTS view (though they're maintaining their proportions), but they do look larger in the regular page/friends page view.

How odd! (Also, it's all kinds of sexy that you typed "soupçon." Va va voom!)
bohemian weasel: Fant Pan'sLabyrinth Faun card Midsummer0bohemian_weasel on 29th April 2010 03:24 (UTC)
That's bizarreness. on every page for me now they're half the dimensions, or a quarter of their original size, for no particular sodding reason. And I ain't got no way to change their size and my inner virgo is rrrrrranting.

You liked soupçon? You ticklesome verbose vixen you. :3 I rather loved mooncalf.
the mighty pomegranate: mooned youwhymzycal on 29th April 2010 03:25 (UTC)
That is bizarreness, indeed! LJ, you are teh crazy!

In other news, I see your mooncalf and raise you a mooning!
bohemian weasel: Lotr x Cake Toppsbohemian_weasel on 29th April 2010 06:38 (UTC)
I'll see your moon.

That is all. I'll see it, and letch.
Rarrr! ;p
(Then I MIGHT raise you a moon walk..)
the mighty pomegranate: muffin vs cupcakewhymzycal on 29th April 2010 16:47 (UTC)
And now I declare a cake war! Eeee!
regisjeanregisjean on 30th April 2010 03:33 (UTC)
I feel your 'absinth girl' more appealing than the notorious Degas' one lol :

Aren't things looking in better shapes showing inside depths than opaque surfaces? I like the way your fairy seems to float like a translucent siren shining from green lymph into a glass cylinder full of murky waters. As if it were the vision of an absynth drinker looking at the aquarium of his/her glass.