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13 March 2010 @ 01:47
Star Wars does Medieval Monastic  
The last and most painstaking of the latest Star Wars work.
In a moment of blinding pretentiousness I modelled these 4 after Russian Icon paintings. What the scans don't pick up is the 3D-ness of the gold & enamel nonsense on the frames, they are genuinely 'outty', no special glasses required.

(These would be perfect for anyone seeking to make their own George Lucas shrine. Incense not included.)

Yoda 'Icon', Topps Star Wars Galaxy 5 by Soni Alcorn-Hender (Bohemian Weasel)

Padme 'Icon', Topps Star Wars Galaxy 5 by Soni Alcorn-Hender (Bohemian Weasel)

Anakin Skywalker 'Icon', Topps Star Wars Galaxy 5 by Soni Alcorn-Hender (Bohemian Weasel)

Obi Wan Kenobi 'Icon', Topps Star Wars Galaxy 5 by Soni Alcorn-Hender (Bohemian Weasel)

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bohemian weasel: Fant Gormenghast Steerpike card MarchTeabohemian_weasel on 13th March 2010 01:55 (UTC)
Ahh, *sage nod* the thinking girl's crumpet.
Though I have to admit whilst re-watching the films prior to drawing these I rather admired Qui-Gon Jinn in all his slopey-headed eagle-profiled glory.
ButMadNNW ("ButMad" for short): ButMadNNWbutmadnnw on 14th March 2010 08:38 (UTC)
Venturous1: fascinatingventurous1 on 13th March 2010 02:21 (UTC)
ah, beautiful!
Not sacriledge: I've had Yoda on my altar before.

These look great! Is that acrylic modeling paste? genuine rubies?
bohemian weaselbohemian_weasel on 13th March 2010 02:28 (UTC)
Your avatar made me do a little laugh hiccup.
They're real gemstones, gold leaf, unicorn spit and goblin juice. I have contacts in the spingle realms.
taylorq: Dun mess wif meh!  I haz backups!taylorq on 13th March 2010 04:08 (UTC)
Once again, gorgeous! Never was much of a fan of the main Star Wars movies, but I love the games.

It always amazed me to see Yoda running through the water, head completely under, for about three minutes without drowning. ^^; I tried, by god, I tried.
bohemian weasel: Crow looking upbohemian_weasel on 29th April 2010 06:19 (UTC)
The little green bastard probably has gills. But if you're really going to persevere with drowning star wars characters you could do Anakin - it would save an awful lot of trouble later.
taylorqtaylorq on 29th April 2010 06:56 (UTC)
Hah! No doubt! Would save a whole mess of drama wouldn't it? :D
bohemian weasel: Fant Hellboy Nuada facebohemian_weasel on 29th April 2010 07:59 (UTC)
I've just been having some fun mentally reducing films to their shortest, least troublesome outcomes. For instance (using an example I know we both admire ;) : Nuada's father and sister give him the crown pieces, he puts them together, nothing happens because the golden army's gone rusty. Everyone goes home and just worries about the ozone layer.
taylorqtaylorq on 29th April 2010 08:04 (UTC)
Amazing! Or...Elrond and Isildur (if I'm not mistaken) go into Mt. Doom, Isildur resists, Elrond hits him over the head with the hilt of his sword, grabs ring, throws it in and drags Isildur out of the mountain. Orcs fall in large hole, everyone's happy. If only!
bohemian weasel: LotR Hobbits Autumnbohemian_weasel on 29th April 2010 08:10 (UTC)
My reductionist LotR was Boromir takes the ring, becomes a wise and peaceful leader. Aragorn 'slightly miffed'. But yours is even sharper!
taylorqtaylorq on 29th April 2010 08:15 (UTC)
The fish rots from the head! So my thinking is why not cut off the head? <(^ u ^)>

Though I've been thinking, and I just don't know how you'd reduce the Matrix without just bypassing the whole thing...
bohemian weasel: comics catwomanbohemian_weasel on 29th April 2010 15:48 (UTC)
Ooh the Matrix is easy: Neo takes the blue pill, everyone saves money in special effects. ;)
taylorqtaylorq on 30th April 2010 01:22 (UTC)
Ooh, that's even better! I didn't even think about the pills, I just figured he decided not to go out, slept in, and got on with his life.
mumsisdaughtermumsisdaughter on 13th March 2010 10:22 (UTC)
They are gorgeous. And I get the 3D effect! That gold paint looks very thick and the spangly whatnots are beautiful.
bohemian weasel: legends and lore bastbohemian_weasel on 29th April 2010 06:20 (UTC)
Spangly whatnots? Eeeee I think I quite love that expression and shall adopt it as the scientific term for future spanglage. :)
(Anonymous) on 13th March 2010 12:48 (UTC)
Simply gorgeous.

The arches and theme mesh beautifully with your style. I like the nobility you've given Anakin & Padme!

-Glendon Mellow (htp://glendonmellow.blogspot.com)
bohemian weasel: orig X Franken-heartbohemian_weasel on 29th April 2010 06:33 (UTC)
Thank you! (And anyone reading this message, check out Glendon's art blog, it's fossiliciously good.
Miss DW: SW ani's sabergoldenmoonrose on 13th March 2010 13:43 (UTC)
gorgeous and wonderful as always!
bohemian weasel: Edward Scissorhands facebohemian_weasel on 29th April 2010 06:39 (UTC)
Thank you! :) ♥
the mighty pomegranate: cheese choc milkwhymzycal on 13th March 2010 15:47 (UTC)
Fab.u.lous! Obi-Wan is my favorite (rrowr), but Yoda looks awesome -- quite noble for a green, wrinkled, pointy-eared dude.
bohemian weasel: orig VictorianGothic08 Cthulhu tealbohemian_weasel on 29th April 2010 06:41 (UTC)
I like how you put Obi as your favourite hubbahubba and then Yoda as your second, no matter how unintentionally done. Because now we all know you dig little, green, wrinkled, pointy-eared dudes. But don't worry, I've seen the movie - apparently he's still quite spry.
the mighty pomegranate: dansen itchy and stitchywhymzycal on 29th April 2010 16:45 (UTC)
It's totally not about the looks. No, it's the force of his personality that interests me.

Aaaaand I'll get me coat!
НатальСаннаgvven on 13th March 2010 16:44 (UTC)
Ewan McGregor is excellent! Great pictures!

* sorry for my English. I almost do not speak in English ...
bohemian weasel: Edward Scissorhands blue facebohemian_weasel on 29th April 2010 06:42 (UTC)
Thank you for your comment, in any language. :)
Madam Mina: Cat Macro - Squee_madam_mina_ on 13th March 2010 19:45 (UTC)
I covet all 4 - especially the Anakin one :)
bohemian weasel: squeasel august artybohemian_weasel on 29th April 2010 06:44 (UTC)
Fank yew :) I hear coveting is perfectly acceptable as long as no asses are involved. I don't remember seeing any donkeys in Star Wars, so we're good! ;)
Nekokaiju: 3POnekokaiju on 23rd April 2010 16:29 (UTC)
These are amazing.
bohemian weasel: Legends and Lore Alice in Wonderlandbohemian_weasel on 29th April 2010 07:55 (UTC)
Thank you! :) I was just reading the pieces you put up at the Design History LJ about Marie Corelli and Arthur Severn (neither of whom I'd heard of before, god knows how I'd missed them - especially her) and the L'Atlantide film, another unknown, both fascinating. When I saw that first illustration by Severn I thought it was an odd Turner/Blake/Bosch hybrid, now I know better. ;)