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bohemian weasel
28 May 2013 @ 08:43
How remiss of me: I just got up and left before you woke up without even so much as a kiss on the head or a number or anything.
Let me correct that now, and with the surreptitious deposit of some small amusing trifle (a rose, some chocolates, or perhaps an actual trifle) I shall also leave directions on how to find a Weasel (as I thought I already had done).

If you just wanted to look at teh prettiez, they are newly installed here: http://bohemianweasel.com/

If you want teh prettiez delivered to your Facebook feed, then I also have a FB Page for the shiny stuff here: https://www.facebook.com/BohemianWeasel (Insert winning beaming grin. *glint*)

And if it's just my scintillating conversation and dazzling wit that you're after, as well as being friendsies, then there's classic Facebook with the full-fat, caffeinated Weasel: https://www.facebook.com/weasellywoo

Or all of the above! I'd be delighted to play host and serve you little cakes. Apologies in advance for turning the comments 'off' for this, spammers etc, you know how it is. Time to throw dust sheets over this place, but do stop by some of the newer ones for sugary carbohydrates and gossip. ♥
bohemian weasel
17 January 2011 @ 14:15

Just a quick post to (try to) stop the spammers from thinking this blog is totally derelict. Admittedly it's almost derelict because there are grand plans afoot for newness, and when the new one is open this one will be kept but the comments will be closed.
It is, however, CURSED. It has a big fat gypsy curse placed upon it that any spammer who desecrates this blog will have a rash of boils erupt in their nethers. 'And verily his under-regions shall fester', so there.

bohemian weasel
23 July 2010 @ 13:17

(Well as I do still have this thing I suppose I should use it).

The lovely boss of the Portuguese Star Wars fan club asked me for an interview which is on their site here:

It's in Portuguese and English, but if you just want a peek at the English bit then look under the cut below.


Interview in EnglishCollapse )

bohemian weasel
30 April 2010 @ 06:32
I think I'm sick of livejournal.
It feels like a big, bloated, overly-complicated mess that's as ponderous and knotted as a dinosaur in a fishnet factory.  I *love* the bunnies I meet and talk to here; but I'm beginning to realise I don't enjoy using LJ itself which is why I just don't use the bloody thing as often as I should (and I pay for it).
I learned the necessary css just to make simple visual changes; I uploaded all my userpics one---at----a---time; I put up with the slow loading pages, and tolerated the convoluted frustration of navigation and help pages etc, but enough. Life's too short.
And the ratbags shrunk my mood theme pics because (as I eventually discovered from another LJ user, not LJ itself) the images were larger than 100x100 px.  Straw, camel, snap, etc.
(And why did I have to read that from a user not the LJ news itself? If there's a change happening to the service I want to see a pertinent, concise message about it, not wade through a spool of self-congratulatory flim-flam or inane fables about a sodding goat. It was in there, somewhere.)

So, lovely bunnies, bunnies who DO make LJ a nice place to picnic, please lend me your sage wisdom and answer one of the following questions to help me decide. Either:

A) Why LJ is worth persevering with, even if it feels like wading through tar at times.

or B) Suggest another service that is sleeker, more intuitive, better prepared for the 21st century, that ideally anyone can post to using another ID; and has some customisation options.
Things like virtual gifts and voice posts, I can live without.

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bohemian weasel
29 April 2010 @ 03:22

'The Green Fairy in the Absinthe wants your soul...'

For the 'Essence of Fairyland' set by sadlittles.com  I was asked to paint a fairy, any fairy I liked, that would be printed into a trading card. Being the louche, fin-de-siècle-loving little ponce that I am, I chose the fey green tart that hangs around Absinthe. 

(And as I've mentioned Absinthe I shall take a brief moment to climb atop my Victorian soap box and say 'a proper, traditional Absinthe ritual never, never involves setting anything on fire! Not the sugar cube, not the drink itself, not yourself or your unsuspecting neighbours. If your sugar and booze won't mix without an act of arson it means you're actually drinking distilled dish-washing liquid with some aniseed flavouring, you unworldly mooncalf.)

'Green Fairy' Absinthe painting for 'Essence of Fairyland' by Soni Alcorn-Hender

5x7 inches, mixed media on cartridge paper, sugar cubes not included.
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bohemian weasel
13 March 2010 @ 01:47
The last and most painstaking of the latest Star Wars work.
In a moment of blinding pretentiousness I modelled these 4 after Russian Icon paintings. What the scans don't pick up is the 3D-ness of the gold & enamel nonsense on the frames, they are genuinely 'outty', no special glasses required.

(These would be perfect for anyone seeking to make their own George Lucas shrine. Incense not included.)

Yoda 'Icon', Topps Star Wars Galaxy 5 by Soni Alcorn-Hender (Bohemian Weasel)

Padme 'Icon', Topps Star Wars Galaxy 5 by Soni Alcorn-Hender (Bohemian Weasel)

Mre space-age sacrilege under the cut...Collapse )
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bohemian weasel
13 March 2010 @ 01:17

More work for Topps and those nice Star Wars people. Lots of littluns for a trading card set that celebrates 30-odd years of Star Wars-ness. I did 106 in total and this is all of them minus the last few that were especially fiddly and poncy, they want their own post. Divas.

'Tuskan Raider' Topps Star Wars Galaxy 5 sketch card by Soni Alcorn Hender (Bohemian Weasel)

'Slave Leia' Topps Star Wars Galaxy 5 sketch card by Soni Alcorn Hender (Bohemian Weasel)


Read more...Collapse )
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bohemian weasel
13 February 2010 @ 17:12
In the run up to Portuguese carnival local stations have been showing this advert. And it Creeps. Me. Out.

It's partly the eerily slow pelvic grinding... plus the skin-peeling falsetto voice... plus the notion of a man with a ventriliquist dummy's head;
And then all bundled up with an extra dose of 'ew' when you find out what he's actually singing about: 'Mama, eu quero, mama, eu quero'  'Mummy I want it, mummy I want it'. 'It' in this case being a boob; as it's meant to be a baby asking for lunch. Booby lunch.

So enjoy this half-man, half-creepy-puppet, grinding around and squealing for 'mummy'. O_o Strange bloody country.

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bohemian weasel
The first half of the parade of Legend & Lore Ancients is Here.
We've had the Greek gods and heroes (that at least looked mostly human), so here are the ones with fun additions like horns and wings and snakes.
Below them: a honey-wrapped sliver of Ancient Egyptian-ness when the enormous beaded necklace was king.
Then below them, and all on her own (aww) is a much more recent character from a familiar time of talking rabbits, invisible cats and outrageously stoned caterpillars. That's right, it's a self portrait Alice in Wonderland.

Little-known fact: my second name is Alice. When I was about five years old I'd wander round my dad's shop telling people I was 'Soni Alice in Wonderland', at which point those people would look sympathetically at my parents who would just shrug helplessly. Poor bastards.

And on to the pretty pictures! Enjoy.
Me and my caterpillar mate are off to make pancakes.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Triton - a 'sea-hued' merman with barnacled shoulders. It's an Old Greek Old Gregg. 
A Harpy - literally 'one who snatches'. They weren't originally described as ugly but of having 'lovely hair'. And wings. And claws. And scales. And really fucking bad tempers. (Any direct comparison drawn between the character and the artist will be... well, agreed with frankly. I *do* have lovely hair.)
The Minotaur - the bull-headed, territorial, ponderously rampaging monster of Crete. Typical Taurean. Probably also liked cakes and fluffy sweaters, it's a Taurus thing.
Medusa - although later interpretations depict her as a reptile-headed hag-beast, she was originally beautiful. Perhaps when her stare turned men to stone the effect was rather localised to the loincloth region.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Bast - originally a lioness and solar deity, later became associated with the moon and little kitties. I gave her a little kitty anyway. A blue one.
Cleopatra, in her famous final scene with the asp. (Though the accounts were wrong: what actually happened next is that she head-butted the snake, and then ate it.)
Ramses, mighty pharaoh. Ruled with an iron fist. And a lot of eyeliner. And really fabulous accessories. It was a good look. World leaders, take note.
Isis - mother of Egypt who pieced her dismembered husband back together and brought him back to life. An Egyptian Humpty Dumpty with a happy ending. Well almost happy, his most important 'piece' was missing so she made a new one out of solid gold. Bling-a-ding-ding.

Alice in Rabbit's house. She ate a funny little cake left lying around and was suddenly afflicted by claustraphobia and panic. She was fine though, don't worry. Bit of Brian Eno and a cup of tea, good as new.
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bohemian weasel
31 January 2010 @ 18:06

So many of you lovely hunnys in the land of LJ interwebs have been commenting here lately that I thought I'd say 'fank yew' through the medium of icons. :) So for you, and indeed anyone that fancies them, if anyone fancies them, some iconiness. I've done it once before here, if you didn't see them first time round.

A credit would be groovy, or just a portion of your land / organs / soul when you die. Whichever is easier.

(by the way - you don't need to use them *here* ;) I see my own work aaaaaaaall the time, I get sick of it quickly, so spread these little lambs into new lands, take them on the wild untethered adventures I could never give them!)

A wee taster of what's under the cut:

Posted Image  Posted Image  Posted Image  Posted Image

From Supernatural to Ancient Greece to Star Wars to Dracula...Collapse )


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bohemian weasel
31 January 2010 @ 01:02
When I was asked to do some cards for the Legends & Lore sketch card set (by the awesome SadLittles.com) I decided to go a little retro, ie, Ancient Greece. (I also did some Ancient Egyptian stuff and Alice in Wonderland too, but that's for another post. ^_^ )

So get some wine, peel some grapes, listen to your favourite lyre music; and step back into a time when men were muscly and gods were nutjobs.

 Bacchus / Dionysus, by soni Eros / Cupid, by soni Hecate, by soni 
Dionysus/Bacchus, God of wine (and crazy women). Still relevant today, I think.
Eros (Cupid), scary scary god of love. He shoots people for god's sake.
Hecate, goddess of withcraft. And possibly pot pourri.

Orpheus, by soni Hades, by soni Persephone, by soni
Orpheus, the doomed minstrel playing at the gates of Hades realm. Ancient Greece did emo too.
Hades himself, Lord of the dead, and Cerberus his little pet dog.
Persephone, Hades' somewhat reluctant wife. This is what happens if you eat pomegranates.

Icarus, by soni Odysseus, by soni Narcissus, by soni Pandora, by soni
Icarus, flying just that little bit too close to the sun. Lovely tan though.
Odysseus, tied to the mast of his ship whilst the Sirens tempted him. Sirens with wings btw, not fish tails, wings.
Narcissus, vain little bastard, fell in love with his reflection, with Echo in the distance. It's the age-old story: boy meets girl, girl loves boy, boy loves himself, girl pines away to just a voice, boy shrivels by a river.
And Pandora with her jar (not box, apparently) of evils. Yet again a woman is blamed for all the bad in the world, quelle surprise.

Current Location: Mount Olympus
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bohemian weasel
23 January 2010 @ 10:52

What birthday present do you make for the dad who has everything? A crocheted Squeasel, obviously.

So then what do you make him for Christmas?
A calendar of Squeasel goodness! A whole year of inescapable cartoon weasel nonsense, tremendous.

And here they all are. Find your monthly weasel!

Squeasel calendar, Bohemian Weasel

'In January, Squeasels make snow-weasels.'

11 more of them under the cut, scads of squeasels!Collapse )
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bohemian weasel
24 December 2009 @ 09:03

As t'is the season to receive nnsense you never wanted, here is a guide to politely receiving such things - through the mdium of Lord of the Rings.

bohemian weasel
10 November 2009 @ 15:30

How do you determine if the world's sharpest knife is hiding in your washing up?
You scoop aaaaall the cutlery out with your bare hands and see if anything hits an artery.


Double jackpot if it's the index finger of the hand you draw with.

Note to anyone waiting for sketch cards from me right now: please accept any incidental gore on your cards as an extra bonus.  But absolutely no cloning allowed.

This sums it up nicely:

Art Print - BLOODY HELL WE'RE BUGGERED NOW - British Flag - 18 X 24
(Awesome print by 'ScreamPrinting' on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ScreamPrinting They make t-shirts too, very tempted. ;)

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bohemian weasel
08 November 2009 @ 11:30

What do you buy, beg, steal or make for the man who has everything?
A crocheted weasel. Naturally.

Not just a weasel but a 'squeasel', which (according to my dad and I) started as a 'squeaky weasel', but in this context also means squeazy weasel, for it is a thing of squishiness. And it has slightly lopsided ears and tiny crocheted claws and everything.


Omg moar squeazy cuteness here.Collapse )

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